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How it Works

Service and Process

The first step is to just give us a call or communicate by email. Once we receive your contact information, someone will reach out to you via phone or through a communication medium of your choice. Bot24 believes that although technology can streamline, track, personalize, and optimize every step of the consumer's digital journey, nothing can take the place of talking to a qualified human expert.

To keep things simple, we charge $650 per package. This fee covers original co-op board package copies (supporting documents included), 4 additional co-op board package copies (supporting documents included), and free FedEx delivery.

Note: Documents will be received by mail or by email where all documents are encrypted through Adobe Acrobat and password protected/digitally signed to ensure the privacy and integrity of all data. To protect all parties, Bot24 strictly adheres to all laws and regulations that encompass data security, physical security, and privacy. For your protection note: We also adhere to data disposal and breach notification laws. Many stakeholders are unaware of the many ramifications that could occur if sensitive information gets into the wrong hands. In other words, regulatory and civil fines could be exorbitant.