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The GoogleTV platform is designed to bring an integrated web experience, utilizing the Chrome web browser and Android applications, to your television. GoogleTV is based on the Android operating system, which is mainly used in tablets and smart phones, but customized with security features not normally seen on most Android devices. The current version of the platform utilizes signatures to establish a “chain of trust” from bootloader to system applications.

This presentation will focus on the current GoogleTV devices, including X86 platform details, and the exhaustive security measures used by each device. The presentation will also include video demonstrations of previously found bugs and exploits for each GoogleTV device and includes specific details about how each bug works. Furthermore, we will include interesting experiences that the team has encountered along the way. Finally the talk will be capped off with the release of multiple unpublished GoogleTV exploits which will allow unsigned kernels across all x86 devices (Revue / Sony GoogleTV).

Amir "Zenofex" Etemadieh founded the GTVHacker group and has been working on the GTVHacker project from its initial start in November 2010. Amir has done independent security research in consumer electronics including the Logitech Revue, Ooma Telo, Samsung Galaxy S2, Boxee Box and services such as the 4G Clear Network finding both hardware and software flaws.
Twitter: @zenofex

CJ Heres is an IT consultant during the day, tinkerer at night. He enjoys examining and repairing all sorts of devices from cars to blu-ray players. His philosophy is to use a simple approach for complex problems. CJ’s recent work includes Sony GoogleTV, Boxee Box, and Vizio Smart TV’s.
Twitter: @cj_000_

Dan Rosenberg Dan Rosenberg is a vulnerability researcher who takes sick pleasure in exploiting anything with a CPU. He once punched an Android in the face.
Twitter: @djrbliss

Tom "tdweng" Dwenger is a software engineer who has been developing and reversing Android for the last 2 years. Tom is known for being able to quickly reverse Android applications and has been an active member of the GTVHacker team since its initial start in 2010.
Twitter: @tdweng

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