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Subsidize private-sector cyber-security, study says

The federal government should consider subsidizing IT security for businesses across the country in the name of national security, suggests a research paper from Canada’s spy agency.

The paper written for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service in March and posted online recently, makes the suggestion that to secure the networks running the country’s critical infrastructure, such as electricity grids and transport systems, the government could provide cash to companies to help them harden their defences against cyber-attacks.

Public Safety Canada internal documents show that some companies may be skimping on cyber-security, finding the cost to protect their systems too high to afford.

Because of that, a hacker who breaches computers at a company could gain access to personal information of customers, and piggyback his or her attacks to other computers and devices, leaving more than just one company at risk.

The CSIS report makes a similar conclusion, noting that some executives take a see-no-evil, hear-no-evil approach to protecting their networks.

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