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new scripts/modules/exploits added to Nmap, OpenVAS, Metasploit, and Nessus

This report describes any new scripts/modules/exploits added to Nmap,
OpenVAS, Metasploit, and Nessus since yesterday.

== OpenVAS plugins (17) ==

r14998 864965 gb_fedora_2012_20404_libtiff_fc16.nasl
Fedora Update for libtiff FEDORA-2012-20404

r14998 831760 gb_mandriva_MDVSA_2012_184.nasl
Mandriva Update for libtiff MDVSA-2012:184 (libtiff)

r14998 864964 gb_fedora_2012_20446_libtiff_fc17.nasl
Fedora Update for libtiff FEDORA-2012-20446

r14998 864966 gb_fedora_2012_20619_fail2ban_fc17.nasl
Fedora Update for fail2ban FEDORA-2012-20619

r14998 864963 gb_fedora_2012_19822_bind_fc16.nasl
Fedora Update for bind FEDORA-2012-19822

r14998 841268 gb_ubuntu_USN_1680_1.nasl
Ubuntu Update for moin USN-1680-1

r14998 864967 gb_fedora_2012_20103_v8_fc17.nasl
Fedora Update for v8 FEDORA-2012-20103

r14999 secpod_wordpress_photo_album_plus_xss_vuln.nasl
WordPress WP Photo Album Plus Plugin 'Search Photos' XSS Vulnerability

r14999 803132 gb_elite_bulletin_board_mult_sql_inj_vuln.nasl
Elite Bulletin Board Multiple SQL Injection Vulnerabilities

r14999 803137 gb_entrps_resrce_plan_sql_inj_vuln.nasl
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System SQL Injection Vulnerability

r14999 803134 gb_wireshark_mult_vuln01_dec12_macosx.nasl
Wireshark Multiple Vulnerabilities-01 Dec 2012 (Mac OS X)

r14999 803135 gb_wireshark_mult_vuln02_dec12_macosx.nasl
Wireshark Multiple Vulnerabilities-02 Dec 2012 (Mac OS X)

r14999 802687 gb_ibm_rational_deve_for_system_z_info_disc_vuln_win.nasl
IBM Rational Developer for System z Information Disclosure Vulnerability

r14999 802685 gb_ibm_rational_busi_developer_info_disc_vuln_win.nasl
IBM RBD Web Services Information Disclosure Vulnerability (Win)

r14999 803089 gb_joomla_com_aclassif_xss_vuln.nasl
Joomla! 'Aclassif' Component Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability

r14999 802048 gb_twiki_maketext_rce_vuln.nasl
TWiki 'MAKETEXT' variable Remote Command Execution Vulnerability

r14999 803133 gb_wireshark_gsm_rlcmac_bof_macosx.nasl
Wireshark GSM RLC MAC dissector Buffer Overflow Vulnerability (Mac OS X)

== Metasploit modules (1) ==

Microsoft Internet Explorer CDwnBindInfo Object Use-After-Free

== Nessus plugins (12) ==

63367 ubuntu_USN-1680-1.nasl
USN-1680-1 : moin vulnerabilities

63366 freebsd_pkg_c37de843488e11e2a5c90019996bc1f7.nasl
FreeBSD : squid -- denial of service

63365 freebsd_pkg_953911fe51ef11e28e340022156e8794.nasl
FreeBSD : tomcat -- bypass of CSRF prevention filter

63364 freebsd_pkg_134acaa251ef11e28e340022156e8794.nasl
FreeBSD : tomcat -- denial of service

63363 fedora_2012-20446.nasl
Fedora 17 : libtiff-3.9.7-1.fc17 (2012-20446)

63362 fedora_2012-20404.nasl
Fedora 16 : libtiff-3.9.7-1.fc16 (2012-20404)

63361 fedora_2012-20103.nasl
Fedora 17 : v8- (2012-20103)

63360 fedora_2012-19822.nasl
Fedora 16 : bind-9.8.4-3.P1.fc16 (2012-19822)

63359 debian_DSA-2596.nasl
Debian DSA-2596-1 : mediawiki-extensions - cross-site scripting

63358 debian_DSA-2595.nasl
Debian DSA-2595-1 : ghostscript - integer overflow

63357 debian_DSA-2594.nasl
Debian DSA-2594-1 : virtualbox-ose - programming error

63356 debian_DSA-2593.nasl
Debian DSA-2593-1 : moin - several vulnerabilities
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