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Forensics: What is a flasher box and are they still used?

Flasher Boxes are forensic devices directed toward experienced computer forensic/cell phone forensic examiners. Improper use of this device can result in wiping all data from phone rendering
the device inoperable. This is not a "point and click" type device and will require connectivity and software application knowledge. These devices are still used to date especially in cases that require immediate attention such as a kidnapping. They are  the precursor to Cellphone Forensics and are usually used as a last resort however they can perform a physical dump but many courts may not accept flasher boxes because they are forensically not sound due to how they can change some things around on the device. Other reasons this device may not be accepted in court is some do not create an audit trail or processing log and do not perform hash verifications. In addition this device recovers data quite slowly.  There are some advantages however such as life or death situations, deleted data from the handset can be retrieved, damaged devices can be forensically examined, data from devices where the SIM card is missing, damaged, or PIN protected can be recovered, devices without a battery can be forensically examined, data from PIN and other protected areas of a handset can be accessed, analyzing the extracted data with automated processes is possible with some tools and they are quite cost effective. Regardless of many downsides of the flasher box they are still used because of some of the aforementioned attributes. 
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