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Fighting cyber crime a challenge, say experts

PUNE: Targeted attacks on IT systems, which proved successful in disrupting service and fraudulently obtaining significant amounts of intellectual property in 2012, will further intensify in the coming year. These strikes are difficult to protect against, because attackers destroy evidence of the attack immediately, IT security solutions experts have said.

Threats to Android, Cloud and digital lifestyle devices will make fighting cybercriminals in 2013 more complex than ever before, the experts said.

Jagdish Mahapatra, managing director (India & SAARC) for cyber security firm McAfee, said, "We are likely to see significantly more targeted attacks and targeted malware in 2013. This type of attack is difficult to guard against. Uniform attacks are still out there, but as soon as they are identified and a security fix is released they are no longer effective. One disturbing development in 2012 was that we started to see more targeted attacks that also destroyed evidence of the attack afterwards and the trend is likely to continue."

Mahapatra said dealing with clean-up operations distracts IT administrators, who don't immediately realise they have been hacked. "It also adds to the difficulty in ensuring effective incident response as hackers literally attack any hardware on the way out. Protecting against this will be a major challenge, particularly for enterprises and government," he said.

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