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Dar es Salaam banks fix security devices to cut ATM theft

SEVERAL banks in the country have placed additional security measures in their Automated Teller Machines in order to protect their customers from ATM theft.
A random survey by the ‘Sunday News’ on several banks in the city, established that the National Bank of Commerce (NBC) has installed new security features, including a shield that protects the keypad on the ATM. ATM keypad shields are designed to help conceal the user’s hand from the angle of the camera positioned in ATM cubicles and from other customers.
ATM is a computerized device that enables clients to make transactions without the need for a bank teller. Bankers believe that during PIN entry (secret code) at the time the customer wants to draw money, it is important to shield the keypad of the ATM as a security measure.
The security software’s main characteristics can be noticed immediately the customer inserts ATM card through the speed at which cards enter and exit the machine. “It is taking too long for ATM card to be ejected from the machine,” said a customer who was impatient at NBC branch along Sokoine Drive.
Stanbic Bank has also installed the new features. However, during the survey this reporter noticed that several banks were also in the process of changing the security features of their ATMs. An NBC branch security guard in the city who was seeing helping customers with the new device told this reporter that people were impatient over the slow process found in the new ATM software.

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